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SA&C provides both full architectural services as well consulting services for those clients who are looking for a green specialist to assist their existing team or who are looking for any form of abbreviated services.

Following is a breakdown of typical full architectural services:

Program & Budget Analysis/ Existing Conditions/ Code Summary
Review Client's program goals and how they relate to Client's budget
Prepare Existing Conditions drawings
Prepare a written summary of code issues & restrictions relevant to the project
Assist Client in establishing contracts with other professionals needed for the project (structural engineer, soils engineer, landscape designer, interior designer, etc.)

Schematic Design
Preliminary Design
Submittal to local authorities for Design Review, Variances, Encroachment Permits, etc.
Obtain preliminary cost feedback from builder(s)
Design Development

Permit/ Construction Drawings and Specifications
Prepare drawings to submit to local authorities for a building permit
Continue to develop drawings to prepare a final set of drawings & specifications that will be used for construction
Obtain final bid(s) from builder(s)
Orchestrate construction contract between Client and Builder

Construction Administration
Supervise construction and answer questions to ensure the execution of the design intent
Review shop drawings, approve samples, etc.
Assist Client in tracking costs during construction
Act as general liaison between Client & Builder during construction

Following are some examples of tasks performed under consulting services:
Site Selection/ Analysis of potential property purchase
Code Analysis for specific Property
Preliminary Design
Design Development to prepare a Permit set of drawings
Input on sustainable measures to be implemented into the design
Selection & of green/ healthful products
Overall integration of sustainable products & building techniques into the project

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